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  • Get to know UpPromote and how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign with UpPromote
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With these three main steps, we believe our valued merchants will clearly understand the operation of affiliate marketing for your store with the help of the most comprehensive Shopify app – UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing.



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How does Uppromote work?

Step 1. UpPromote provides a registration form for your ambassador to register to join your affiliate program.

Step 2. Affiliates become partners, they are given an affiliate link/ a coupon code to promote your service on various channels.

Step 3. UpPromote tracks completed referral orders, and affiliates get commissions based on performance.

How affiliate marketing works
How affiliate marketing works

Why does Uppromote stand out? 

UpPromote Marketplace

This is the place where merchants can expand the network of potential ambassadors/ influencers and publishers.

We provide two options for our valued customers for affiliate recruitment which are:

  • Proactively find affiliate opportunities. Explore thousand of top-notch potential partners in many industries who are influential social figures (TikTok, Instagram, Facebook)
  • List your offers on our marketplace, your affiliate partners will see and sign up to join your program.

Reliable tracking process

The up-to-the-second tracking system is constantly improved to ensure conversions are instantly and accurately recorded.

Various tracking methods, such as links, coupons, emails, and products.

Powerful management

Customize everything to match your brand and take full control of how affiliates refer your business.

Convenient communication options help you keep in touch with your team.

White-labeled affiliate pages and fully customized email templates make the whole campaign yours.

Discover Why UpPromote is the best alternative to Shopify market leaders?

We understand how it feels to be seeking an alternative to your current Shopify affiliate app but continually coming up with the same solutions. UpPromote is on a mission to bring valued customers a comprehensive and easy solution to grow your business.

That’s why, we’ve included UpPromote as an option for all of the industry leaders in affiliate marketing apps: GoaffPro, LeadDyno, GrowthHero, and Refersion.


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