There are some features and elements every eCommerce store should have to stay competitive and relevant. But when your business grow, some feature are just a must-have, in this article we show the core difference between small, medium and large businesses and the must-have features for every large business Shopify store

Difference between small, medium and large business Shopify store

When evaluating the size of a business in this article, we won’t talk about the annual income or the number of employees the company is hiring, but we will talk focus on the website itself, the number of products, pages, collections, …

Unlike single product Shopify stores, where the store owner is focused generally on one or two products at a maximum, a small business is generally defined as a store with up to 30 products, with less pages, very few collections, little to no blog posts and is generally managed by a single person.

A medium business can be defined as a store with 30-100 products, few collections, with sometimes a basic blog template featuring some articles about the business and its products. Most of the medium business owners work either alone or with a partner or two.

However, when it comes to a large business, it can be an enterprise-like , with hundreds or even thousands of products, the management of this kind of business requiring having an important number of employees to manage the product and collections, manage the customer support, eventually managing the affiliates, the partners, the marketing part, maintaining the site performance and constantly analyzing the market to stay competitive. Furthermore, e-Merchants might need to use a specialized platform like Shopify Plus to handle their site.

Why Shopify large businesses require more features ?

As described in the previous paragraph, as large business Shopify store owner, you will have to carefully organize your products and collections in order to make the navigation and search easier for your customers, that is to say, you will need some extra features, like a filter sidebar, auto-complete search, quickview, …

Moreover, unlike a small business with very few products where you won’t have lot of product variants, a large inventory business requires an advanced product page template in order to showcase all the product variants in a mobile-friendly way, moreover, the return rate for a large business is more important for small or medium ones, this is why some features are a must-have, like a wishlist, upsell feature, inventory table, sizechart, … So let’s enumerate the 8 must-have features for a large inventory business.

1- X- Upselling and cross-selling

Increasing your average order value is super important if your business is generating a large number of transactions. Then every few dollars up can easily translate into a huge revenue boost.

The most effective way to increase your store’s AOV is upselling and cross-selling. You should offer relevant products and services to your customers during their purchase flow. But in a precise and gentle way, so you don’t discourage them from finishing their transaction.

One of the best ways to do that is Candy Rack – One Click Upsell app. It displays additional offers on product/collection pages after customers click on the “add to cart” button. You can set up the offers manually or use an AI-powered feature called Smart Auto-upsell that generates the offers fully automatically.

2- Affiliate marketing app

As a large business Shopify store owner, you will want to overcome your competitors, gain more backlinks, more trust, more visitors and more sales, and one of the best Technics to drive high quality traffic toward your online store is through the affiliate program.

By using an app such as the UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, some bloggers, Youtubers or anyone with less to no marketing knowledge would want to join your affiliate program to earn a commission per a sale.

Giants in eCommerce such as Amazon – who was the first to use the affiliate marketing strategy- rely on affiliate marketing to maximize their revenue, so why not you? UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, is a potential recommendation for you. With simple clicks you can run your own affiliate program and double your revenue at the less cost possible.

3- Mobile App

Creating a mobile app has numerous advantages for large businesses with a loyal customer base.

The %80 of eCommerce activities are generated on mobile and you can increase your mobile conversion rate up to 5x by utilizing this traffic. The way to achieve that is by providing the best mobile user experience with a mobile app.

Also, you can decrease your marketing ad spend down to 45% with the limitless free push notifications that you can send directly to customers’ phones. That means you don’t have to spare huge budgets on Google or Facebook marketing to bring your customers back to mobile app for repeat shopping.

If you want to turn your Shopify store into a mobile app, Shopney is your choice to go! It’s reliable, easy-to-use and stands out with unique benefits like theme (layout) options and in-app live chat.

You can choose the most fitting theme among 8 different layout options to make sure your products look perfect to the customers’ eye. You can personalize your customers’ shopping journey with in-app live chat by sending custom discounts, offers and many more. Last but not least, you can offer fast check-out and recovery push notifications to decrease abandoned cart rates.

4. Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are getting their traction in eCommerce ecosystems and more and more merchants are introducing personalized programs that benefit sellers and shoppers. The most important part for the online store owner is that loyalty programs help to improve retention and increase repeat purchase rate.

One of the most popular loyalty apps on Shopify is Growave. The app will help you to cover all the loyalty and rewards related features for a Shopify merchant from one place. Simple features allocation helps to run points program and VIP Tiers program with a few clicks without any coding. Various rewarding options like gift cards, free products, in-store cash, discounts, and free shipping will help you to find the most efficient way to reward customers.

5- Automatic currency switcher

The currency switcher is the #1 must-have feature for every large business store, because this is the first thing that may let a visitor stay or leave your store, imagine you’re selling your products in US dollar only and a potential buyer lands to your page from China, and this potential buyer has to open a new page to each time convert the US dollar to his own currency, it is tough for him, and may leave your store for your competitor just because you don’t have an automatic currency switcher feature or app.

So if you’re selling worldwide and want to make your Shopify store user-friendly, don’t let your conversion rate goes down and think of installing a currency switcher app.

6- Banner slider feature

You may be a pro in marketing, and you may be selling one of the most needed products, but your site may not be catchy enough to give a first good impression for the first visitors.

In order to give your site a good and catchy looking, you will need to use a high quality images and videos in addition to one or two sliders at the top of the page to let the visitor know what your business is about in the first impression, an app like the Banner slider could help design a professional and mobile-friendly animated sliders.

7- Megamenu

As a small or a medium business owner, you won’t need a fancy menu, but when it comes to a large business, a megamenu is a must.

When you have a megamenu featuring your most important parts of your site, such as your best selling products, your running promo, your blog area, affiliate dashboard, … you won’t only make the navigation easier, but the visitors will undoubtedly also click on some those links and will stay longer on your site, and the more a visitor stays on your site, the more this visitor will turn into a potential buyer

8- Quick view feature

We live in an era where we would like things to be done accurate and fast, sometimes we land a shopify store and we would like to buy a product quickly because either we don’t have the time or simply we trust the site enough to buy again and again without asking questions.

One of the best features to let your returning customers to buy quickly is the quickview app, with a simple click a popup appears where the customer will see the product details and price and can place the order very fast

9– SEO optimization

Unlike a single product store, where you won’t « need » a SEO optimization because you have very very pages, SEO optimization for a large inventory Shopify is a must.

Paid ads on Google, Bing or Facebook could cost you thousands of dollars each day to drive sales, but the SEO (search engine optimization), will let you drive organic and Free traffic directly from search engines to your store.

The SEO is a big branch which requires lot of coding knowledge in order to optimize the keywords, the titles, the H tags, the images ALT Text, … but with a SEO friendly Shopify themes and with the help of some apps such as the SEO Booster app, you can focus on your customers and your marketing and let the SEO part be on auto-pilot

Final thoughts

We have enumerated some of the must-have feature for a Shopify large business, indeed there are others, and one of the best ways to check for other features is by looking at some big brands to see what they are using as features and apps

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