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eCommerce sellers acknowledge that every holiday is a chance to boost sales. Missing the opportunity to grow revenue on holidays will leave you behind your competitors. With an eCommerce calendar holiday in 2022, you can schedule your marketing efforts to maximize your sales potential.

To save your time and help you make the most out of the holiday through the years, we’d like to bring together important eCommerce calendar holidays in 2022, with key events, reminders, along affiliate marketing tips to turn this year the most profitable year for both merchants and affiliate marketers.

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I/ eCommerce calendar holiday tactics to keep your sales up to speed

Let’s dive deeper into the marketing tactics in the eCommerce calendar holiday in a separate quarter in 2022 to boost your sales in the most effective ways.

1. eCommerce Calendar Holiday in Q1 (January - March)

1.1 January 

January is the perfect time to build a reconnected bridge with your customers after they’ve known you for a big year-end sale holiday. For eCommerce merchants and affiliates, big eCommerce sale holidays are:

New Year – 1st January 2022

Target Customer: All over the world. 

Starting a whole new chapter is an excellent time to re-target all customers worldwide and boost sales after Black Friday and Cyber Monday successfully for all brands. 

While the new year boosts sales for specific product categories, it does not always imply an inflow of fresh or new sorts of customers. Rather than targeting people who may or may not alter their habits, the new year presents an even greater chance to improve loyalty among your current customers. 

Some exciting sale tips may encourage your customers to shop on New Year’ Day, which are: 

  • Leverage BOGO sales

Have you ever gone into a store over the holidays, found a deal you couldn’t pass up, and ended up buying more than you intended? A BOGO bargain has that kind of impact. 

One of the most effective forms of sales promotion is the “Buy One, Get One” (BOGO) deal. Why? Because customers receive increased value for no further expense.

  • Encourage loyalty discount

Giving special discounts to your most excellent customers is a terrific method to increase sales during the holiday season since it encourages consumers to spend more money in your store. 

Offer exclusive bargains to your membership club members and frequent customers to thank your top consumers. Ideally, these should not be financial bargains but rather deals that “money can’t buy.” 

  • Discounts for large orders. 
  • With every $10 spent, customers will receive a free surprise present. 
  • Gift bags with limited-edition merchandise that can’t find in stores.
  • Holiday bundles include a holiday card, sweets, and exclusive discount vouchers for loyal members.
Martin Luther King Jr.Day – 17th January 2022

Target Customer: American

74% of American customers said that people celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s birthdays as the national holiday in America, which will cause a massive opportunity for any brands and merchants to boost sales on that Day. 

Customers will prefer to buy the springs cloth and bath items no matter if the temperatures are still below freezing. Significant shops are well aware of this, and by January, they are eager to clear out the winter trends off their stores to make room for new spring patterns. 

Businesses have begun reducing prices on coats, mittens, hats, boots, and winter items by as much as 40% by the time Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend arrives. Towels, sheets, pillows, and other bed and bath supplies are frequently discounted 20% to 60% off their original price during modern-day savings events. 

There are some marketing campaigns that you can use to boost sales on this Day: 

Run time-limited sales 

  • To notify consumers of your limited-time deals, employ pop-ups and countdown clocks. 
  • To keep track of particularly popular bargains or periods, use special discount coupons for each sale. 
  • Use your website, social media, and email to promote the sale.
  • Offer freebies

Consumers are drawn to such offers, and chances are, your competitors are doing the same, so don’t allow them to take your consumers!

Australia Days – 26th January 2022

Target Customer: Australians

Australia Day commemorates Australia’s achievements throughout history. Many Australians will enjoy BBQs, parades, performances, fireworks and participate in numerous events this day. 

Make a note of this day on your holiday calendar to create unique Australia Day offerings for your Australian audience. 

You can run special referral discounts for your unique Australian customers on this day. By giving value to clients who promote your items to others (friends, relatives, etc. ), you may encourage them to do so. 

For example, if a consumer refers you to someone, you may give them a 10% or $20 discount. This can help you increase sales and revenue without spending a lot of money, and best of all, your consumers will promote your company for you.

1.2 Febuary

Chinese New Year – 1st February 2022

Target Customer: All over the world

One important note for all merchants is that Asia shopping’s need always needs 2-3 weeks before. This day is crucial for the Asia community and the Chinese community. People always want to make their house new and fresh with their new products to celebrate this New Year. 

Also, people are most attracted to the products with “Red” colors, because, in the Chinese concept, Red represents luck and also the favorable business; thereby, it is also an important note for all merchants to produce limited products for Chinese New Year that are related to the Red colors.

Besides the red colors, there are some notes that we also want to mention below.

  • Create unique and seasonal landing pages

Many businesses mistake not separating their product and service offers on distinct landing pages. You can provide them a clear image of each of your special offers by creating a landing page for each product or service, and because they’ll have all of the facts and a single call to action on one page, your holiday conversion rates are sure to rise.

  • Make sure there will no out-of-stock

The shopping needs of Chinese people to celebrate the new year are great, and they will buy everything fully and make that Day the biggest Day of the year and the most meaningful to them. 

In addition, there are parts of the Chinese community that will tend to save the whole year and spend all their savings on shopping for this holiday. Make a last check to verify that everything is in order and that you are prepared to manage an increase in orders and sales.

Super Bowl LVI – 13th February 2022

Target Customer: American

The Super Bowl is America’s second-largest eating holiday, which reflects well for food and beverage sales. The holidays have spent a total of $13.9 billion US dollars over Super Bowl weekend in 2021 and Millennials are projected to pay the most, at $118.43 per person.

Thousands of fans holding Super Bowl celebrations means dozens of thousands of fans going to their favorite merchant to stock up on chips & dip, holiday decorations, team souvenirs, and other items. That means a lot of money will be spent by customers.

Some tips may get you skyrocketing sales on that hot-hit holiday weekend.

  • Choose the proper marketing channels. Every marketing platform is unique and offers a particular type of audience. Therefore not all of them will be a good match. Examine your marketing stats from the previous year to see if you can identify your best-performing channels.
  • Start early but end later. People go crazy for Holiday shopping and are anxiously seeking discounts and deals, therefore you can easily win the match if you start your holiday marketing campaign before your competitors and even prolong your specials to last longer than your competitors. 
  • Make sure that your business can manage a surge in demand. Make a last check to ensure you have adequate inventory to avoid a product shortage or a backup plan in case you run out. Your team has been prepared and trained to handle heavier demands than usual (packaging, shipping, support, etc.).

To target this event, you don’t have to sell football-related merchandise. Play with the topic by sharing social media photographs, offering a discount coupon, or letting your audience know which side you support.

Valentine Day – 14th February 2022

Target Customer: All over the world

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to romance and love. Even while Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic presents, you may inspire your audience to honor friendships and other valuable connections as well.

Other fascinating facts include: 

  • For Valentine’s Day, 70% of consumers between 18 and 30 purchase online. 
  • Mobile searches account for 57% of all Valentine’s Day searches. 
  • 79 percent of consumers wait until the last minute to buy Valentine’s Day presents! 

Go beyond the box when planning this year’s Valentine’s Day marketing strategies. Create a Valentine’s Advent calendar instead of providing yet another discount coupon. It may be used as a 14-day marketing campaign that honors all types of love.

Additionally, do not forget and ignore the power of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have many promises to help you increase your sales income. Use unique subtitles and collaborate with influencers who have the same target audience. During the sale, they will assist you in gaining more visibility and sales.

1.3 March

March is the best time to promote and celebrate the first days of spring in years. March is here, which means it’s the end of the first quarter of 2022 — finish strong!

Carnival – 1st March 2022

Target Customer: Canada & Germany 

Carnival is a time for people to let go and enjoy themselves before making a sacrifice for Lent. This year is no exception, especially given what has happened with the coronavirus. The inflow of people and large parties is not encouraged, so choose an alternative carnival, smaller and more intimate, with close friends and family. 

When your clients are ready to buy, use social media to help them find you and keep updated about your products and services. Acquiring new consumers takes more effort and money than getting returning ones, and this is especially true during the holiday season. 

Engage current consumers with unique online offers, in-store events, and targeted discounts and promotions to entice them to make Christmas purchases.

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2022

Target Customer: All over the world

Women’s equality and contributions to the globe are celebrated on International Women’s Day. If this message is vital to your brand, make it a point to highlight it. Tell your story, provide a discount, or start a charity campaign to help local or global populations.

Also, you should optimize your landing pages. When visitors arrive at your landing pages, they must see the Women’s Day message. Let them know why you’re helping this worthwhile project. It’s critical that the messaging is consistent throughout the business, so emphasize the goods you’re advertising for Women’s Day on all landing and product pages.

Moreover, ​​Women’s Day will be celebrated throughout all social media platforms. Use your brand ambassadors to promote your company on their social media profiles, and provide a prize to everyone who shares your postings with their friends. 

Expanding your reach in this way is a terrific approach to make the most of a special event like Women’s Day.

This will boost your social trustworthiness!

National Pi Day – 14th March 2022

Target Customer: people passionate about math

Pi Day, not to be confused with Pie Day, is dedicated to honoring the mathematical constant Pi and being beloved by mathematicians, teachers, and students. It is observed on March 14 (3/14) because the first three numbers are 3, 1, and 4. 

Create a contest and provide a free product or a discount voucher as a prize to show your appreciation! 

Patrick’s Day – 17th March 2022

According to NRF, there will be plenty of decorations and celebratory snacks to honor the event, 92 percent of people celebrating intend to shop for St. Patrick’s Day. They aim to spend an average of $40.77 per person, for a total of $5.1 billion throughout the country.

For this holiday celebration, you can also note some tips below to increase your store’s revenue. 

  • Go Green with your website. Using the hue sparingly and being loyal to your company’s identity might be more beneficial. Show that you’re celebrating the season, but make sure that customers still recognize your business.
  • Run Deals, Discounts, and Sales the week before. Although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a gift-giving holiday, you may still enjoy the festivities. St. Starts marketing a week in advance to give customers plenty of time to purchase.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency. Another effective marketing tactic is to use scheduled incentives to create a sense of urgency to buy. “Be the first 18 shoppers and enjoy an additional 18 percent off your purchase,” or “Shop before 7:00 PM on St. Patrick’s Day and receive 17 percent.
Mother’s Day – 27th March 2022

Target Customers: United Kingdom customers

Mother’s Day is widely observed across the globe. While the rest of the world celebrates Mother’s Day in May, the British offer their mothers a large bouquet of love on March 27. 

We should show our mothers how much we appreciate everything they’ve done for us over the years. On the other hand, mothers deserve a special thank you on Mother’s Day. Create Mother’s Day cards, shirts, or beautiful jewelry, and establish a Mother’s Day marketing campaign—every mom deserves to be recognized!

There are some lovely marketing tips that we’d like to discuss for all merchants to boost sales on that Day below: 

  • Creative use of pictures of mothers

On this Day, when everyone likes to share their images with their moms on various social media channels, why don’t you take advantage of the occasion and allow your audience to share their favorite pictures with their mothers through your Facebook or Instagram page? Your engagement rate will rise as a result of this.

  • Gift Packages and Product Sets

Nothing entices customers to purchase more than a fantastic deal on a whole set. Allow them to show their admiration for their moms by giving them many gifts in a bundle or group, and giving them exceptional discounts.

  • Free Shipping and Fast Delivery

Add a unique bar to your site indicating that you will receive free delivery on all items or specific categories of products in honour of Mother’s Day. This will bring people to your business in ways you never imagined, mainly if you include a delivery time of little more than 24 or 48 hours.

2. eCommerce Calendar Holiday in Q2 (April - June)

2.1 April

Opening the second quarter of 2022, April has the Easter bank holiday weekend, and April Fool’s Day, Earth Day is also an opportunity to promote your eco-friendly products.

April Fools’ Day – 1st April 2022

Target Customer: Western people

April Fool’s Day is a time for jokes, prank calls, party favors, and a chance for affiliates to have some fun with customers. Affiliates can get creative by coming up with both traditional and exciting ways for conducting a marketing campaign grabbing clients’ attention.

Some marketing tactics you cannot overlook are:

  • Offer a fake product

You can act as though you’re launching a funny product on April Fool’s Day. For instance, Invest in your prank by establishing a product page or well-produced footage. Remember to evaluate a current market trend and whether you can include it in your trick.

Procter & Gamble, a large corporation, introduced Scope, a bacon-flavored mouthwash. Even though it was a fake item, it successfully made customers chuckle.

  • Offer a surprising discount (too good to be true)

Offering a discount that makes customers think it’s insane is also a smart idea because it quickly attracts buyers’ attention.

For example, you could offer a T-shirt that would ordinarily cost $40 for only $10. Remember that you need to include some information, such as a $10 shirt for all purchases named Joan (catching the trend) to protect your consumers from feeling duped.

Easter (Holy Week), April 15-18, 2022

Target Customer: Every country celebrating Easter

The events leading up to Jesus Christ’s resurrection are commemorated on Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday.

Easter is frequently seen as a more critical Christian celebration than Christmas, although it is less commercialized.

In this holy week, merchants can invest more time preparing spring sales, giving special discounts on clothes, seasonal decor, and home products.

Good Friday – 15th April 2022

The bank holiday weekend has begun. Many individuals will be in a good mood and will be stocking up on food in preparation for Easter Sunday. Make the most of social media participation by capitalizing on your consumers’ positive mood.

Any products related to Christianity are great to sell on Good Friday.

Easter – April 17/18, 2022

Easter is an important day in the Christian calendar. It is the day on which the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Folks throughout the globe enjoy this celebration, and despite the Covid-19 epidemic, people decided to make it even grander this year.

This means that if you focus on this holiday, you’ll be able to generate more sales quickly.

Thinking outside the box and attempting to engage your audience uniquely. Think about how your target audience will spend the long weekend.

Some of these suggestions to help your business generate more money this Easter:

  • Organize an Easter online contest
  • Host an online easter egg hunt on your site (merchant)
  • Make your website and mailings appear like they’re from Easter
  • Create an Easter-themed social media campaign
Earth Day – 22nd April 2022

Target Customer: People supporting environmental protection

Don’t overlook Mother Nature. Earth Day is a fantastic way to reach out to all of your green-minded buyers. Increase the visibility of your eco-friendly, recyclable, and recycled items, as well as your brand’s views on issues like global warming.

Best eCommerce Earth Day tips for merchants and affiliates are:

  • Eco-friendly alternatives: sustainable goods like metal straws, solar-powered electronics, and energy-efficient light bulbs continue to sell well, but new things like reusable meal wrappers and feminine hygiene products are on the increase. If you don’t currently sell these kinds of items, Earth Day is a great opportunity to start.
  • Go Green for content marketing: sharing instructional articles about living greener, shopping guides on the green product, short video with an environmental theme.
  • Eco-friendly packaging, green gifts with purchase: Use green packaging for all weeks, or offer green gifts like reusable water bottles since they’re cheap, easy to send, and you can brand them with your logo.
World Book Day – 23rd April 2022

Target Customer: book lovers

Books are a fun topic to discuss on social media. This is the perfect time for affiliates to embrace book discussions and engage with their customers.

Bookworms appreciate discussing their favorite and most recent books. Affiliates can make polls, quotations, and lists and encourage your audience to express what they’d want to see.

If you realize that your audience is interested in fashion linked to literature, include these items in your store. Just make sure you stick to the copyright and trademark rules.

2.2 May

May has numerous days for online shopping; tie-ins are available in the fifth month, including Mental Health, Mother’s Day, etc. Make the most of this opportunity by providing helpful information, purchasing incentives, and advertising your high-value items.

Mental Health Awareness Month – throughout May

Target Customer: the US people

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. Use social media to communicate what Mental Health Awareness Month means to you with your consumers.

It’s a delicate but crucial issue, so express yourself and let your consumers know you’re there for them.

May Day – 2nd May 2022

Target Customer: Britians, European people

May Day is a public holiday observed in several parts of the world on the first of May or the first Monday of May. It is an ancient celebration commemorating the arrival of summer and is still observed as a traditional spring holiday in many European cultures today. The festivities generally include dancing, singing, and cake.

On this day, you could give discount codes to all of your spring items and introduce your brand-new summer products.

Mother’s Day – 8th May 2022

Target Customer: people in the US, Canada, European countries, Australia, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, and South Africa

While the UK celebrates Mother’s Day in March, the rest of the globe observes it two months later. Mother’s Day is a significant holiday in the United States, as the third-largest shopping event with $26.7 billion in sales

In 2022, the following suggestions to boost your sales on Mother’s Day:

  • Free shipping is available on Mother’s Day presents
  • Emails are a great way to promote your mother’s day merchandise
  • Organize a special sale
  • Allow customization on items, but keep in mind that not all countries celebrate Mother’s Day on the same Day
Victoria day – 23th May 2022

Target Customer: Canadians

Victoria Day is a federal public holiday in Canada that was initially held in honor of Queen Victoria’s birthday, but it is now the official birthday of Canada’s sovereign.

Offer your consumers a little discount or free delivery to Canada to commemorate the occasion.

National Sorry Day – 26th May 2022

Target Customer: Australians

Every year on May 26th, Australia commemorates National Sorry Day. This Day brings people together to discuss the ways toward healing for the indigenous peoples, their families, and their communities.

To honor, promote Australia-themed designs, or launch a free shipping campaign to Australia.

Memorial Day – 30th May 2022

Target Customer: Americans

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the US commemorating and honoring those who have died while serving in the US armed forces.

Ideas for memorial day sales:

  • Get military members a deal

Consider organizing a campaign that rewards military troops and their families with a significant discount on your services. You can make them feel appreciated by making an offer that is just available to them.

  • Showcase patriotic products

Do you have any red, white, or blue items? What about star-studded jewelry? You may launch a “red, white, and save” sale that offers discounts on clothes and accessories that are appropriate for both Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

  • Make Memorial Day bundles

Do you have any items that may be combined into a Memorial Day theme? Put them together in a package and make advertising materials out of them. If you don’t have all of the goods you need for that perfect package, there is another opportunity to collaborate with and cross-promote with other brands.

2.3 June

It’s time to turn your attention to summer.

For many merchants, this will entail a pre-summer discount in preparation for new season inventory, while affiliates can prepare marketing materials to entice holiday shoppers.

Another fantastic giving opportunity is Father’s Day, affiliates should remember that social media will play a key part in reaching out to your audience and increasing sales.

Pride Month – All month

Target Customer: LGBTQ+ community and advocates

June is Pride Month, a time of year when we honor the contributions of the LGBT+ community to history on a local, national, and worldwide level. Kindness and inclusion marketing strategies are extremely effective at this time.

To create a successful pride marketing campaign, you should:

Be specific about what you support (For Merchants)

Determine a specific problem you wish to help to improve the success of your 2022 Pride marketing campaign. Also, explain why you choose to solve the issue, how it ties to your business, and who will benefit from your endeavor.

“Why now?” you might wonder if you haven’t joined LGBTQ+ social movements before. What has caused you to change your behavior? Is it because you want to help LGBTQ+ people improve their lives or because you want to do branding? Is there a reason behind your actions?

Go beyond rainbow (For Merchants and Affiliates)

To win over the LGBTQ+ group, you must first have a thorough awareness of their habits, personalities, challenges, culture, and everything else. That’s why you should go beyond rainbow-themed logos, stickers, website banners, stories, as well as depicting LGBTQ+ persons in advertisements.

Instead, if you want to stand out, you should put in more effort and research into the requirements and expectations of the LGBTQ+ community.

Bombas Pride Collection
Bombas Pride Collection

Bombas built a clear mission “One Purchased = One Donated. They plainly identify who they help on their website, including “people facing homelessness in the LGBTQ+ community.” Each purchase will result in a donation to LGBTQ+ organizations.

Father’s Day – 19th June 2022

Target Customer: people in the US, Canada, most European countries, India, China, Japan

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a fantastic time to give gifts and build brand image, creating the conditions for a good Q2 peak. So if you miss the chance to promote your brand on Mother’s Day, this time is to generate more sales on Father’s Day weekend.

If mothers are the embodiment of selfless love, fathers are the essence of strength and courage. Make this occasion more joyful for your consumers by providing them with unique Father’s Day gifts.

Some ideas to boost sales on Father’s Day are:

Run a social media contest (For Affiliates)

As affiliates, you can establish a hashtag and ask your audience to post their “Dad moment” with that hashtag counted as an entry. You can ask them to tell you a “Dad joke” or tell you why their father is the greatest person in the world to them.

Target mom (For Affiliates)

Not only teens and young adults, but even moms would like to brighten their father’s Day on Father’s Day.

You can invite them to share a photo of themselves with their father or a childhood memory. Segment your audience and use email and social media marketing to reach out to them.

Offer exclusive coupon code (For Merchants)

Online customers would hope for a Father’s Day deal with a discount. To enjoy the discount, you create an exclusive coupon code valid for a limited time. This will generate a sense of urgency to buy, increasing sales as more consumers visit your business to shop before the promo code expires. 

You can ask your affiliates to promote your Father’s Day special offers on their social media.

National Indigenous Peoples Day – 21st June 2022

Target Customer: people in Canada

National Indigenous Day honors and celebrates the traditions and accomplishments of Canada’s Indigenous peoples, including the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis.

Give your customers a discount or free shipping to Canada to mark the occasion.

3. eCommerce Calendar Holiday in Q3 (July - September)

3.1 July

July is the seventh month of the year, and there are plenty of options for innovative marketing this month. July may be the month when you put the most effort into your marketing and get the best returns. 

You may increase your standard promotional efforts and revive the attention of your present clients while also kindling new business with a bit of ingenuity.

Memorial Day/ Canada Day – 1st July 2022

Target Customer: Canadian customers

As Canada Day and Memorial Day are celebrated on the same day, most businesses are closed, and it is a day off for the general population. 

Local administrations in many significant cities organize various events, held outdoors. Pancake breakfasts, parades, concerts, carnivals, festivals, fireworks displays, and citizenship ceremonies for new Canadian citizens are just a few of the events that take place. The tone of the celebrations is frequently nationalistic.

Offering free shipping or buying one get one free will be the best marketing tactics for all merchants to celebrate Canadian people. 

Independence Day – 4th July 2022

Target Customer: American customers

One of the busiest days of the year has arrived. Your clients have more time on their hands to enjoy local businesses because of holidays and school breaks, and foot traffic is at an all-time high. In 2021, the country spent over $7 billion on the 4th of July celebrations.

To optimize revenue on this Day, you should be prepared for everything before at least 1-2 weeks to take advantage. There are some clues for the preparation that should be put in attention. 

  • Sell items related to the holidays – get ready and customize all of your brands that match with the flag of America, or even produce the limited edition for the 4th of July. 
  • Sell items that are related to the holidays – get ready and customize all of your brands that match with the flag of America, or even produce the limited edition for the 4th of July. 
  • Encourage Festive Attire – If your brand has a physical presence, encourage clients to visit by providing a July discount on certain goods to visitors dressed in their most incredible 4th of July costume.
  • Make the Whole Weekend Count – Stretching your July bargains out throughout the weekend or perhaps the entire week will help your campaign gain traction. If you run your Independence Day campaign for a longer period, you’ll have a better chance of profiting from the festivities.
  • Create Military Discount Codes – America’s independence day will be associated with the image of soldiers defending the country, this will be the best opportunity for you to both be grateful and increase your sales on this Day by creating discount coupons for soldiers and their families. 
Orangemen’s Day – 11th July 2022

Target Customer: Canadian customers

People of a Protestant Irish or Scottish origin, particularly those who support the Orange Order, commemorate Orangemen’s Day. 

The color orange, which represents the kings of the House of Orange in general and William of Orange in particular, is an essential emblem of Orangemen’s Day.

Merchants can consider changing the store’s theme to the orange color to support this Day and encourage Canadian customers on the social platform.

3.2 August

August may ring at the end of summer, but it also brings in new school years, party season, and the start of the autumn and winter holiday seasons. 

Plus, this month delivers Back to School specials and early Labor Day savings for savvy shoppers to take advantage of, whether you need office supplies or summer apparel.

Back to School: All month 

Target Customer: American customers

The back-to-school season is a time for fresh starts, and this year’s students and adults are more excited than usual for a new beginning.

Early July is a good time for most online shops to start thinking about back-to-school specials, because parents, caregivers, kids, and instructors will be looking for things to make the new school year more exciting and memorable after a year of uncertainty and hybrid learning.

Promoting school supplies will be the most valuable product for your brands on this Day. Considers to add on some back-to-school products below to your store to maximize profit: 

  • Notebooks and Stickers
  • Backpacks
  • Drawstring bags
  • Phone cases
  • Leggings
  • Beanies

On the other hand, you also should create a back-to-school promotion for the rest of your products. Some tips included: 

  • % or $ discount
  • bundle deals
  • free shipping
  • flash sale
  • week-long sales event
  • Giveaway

Back-to-school isn’t a shopping event when everyone has to complete their purchases by a specific day. You may, however, combine some of the promos (discounts or a special offer) with the delivery dates to encourage people to begin shopping.

British Columbia Day – 1st August 2022

Target Customer: Canadian customers

Many individuals in British Columbia take advantage of the long weekend to go out of town and into one of the province’s scenic locations. Some people go camping, while others go hiking, walking, or planning boat expeditions.

Gold Cup Parade – 19th August 2022

Target Customer: Canadian customers

Gold Cup Parade is a public holiday in Prince Edward Island, where it is a day off for the general population, and schools and most businesses are closed.

Many people come from all across Canada and the United States to see the parade and participate in the festivities during Old Home Week in Charlottetown, PEI. Each year, the event has a new theme.

Summer Bank Holiday – 29th August 2022

Target Customer: United Kingdom customers

This is the last Monday of August and marks the Day that people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland will return to work and school after the summer holiday. 

Some businesses, including banks and stores, are closed. Shops may open at different times than usual, and public transportation may run on a modified schedule. There will be no mail delivery.

Give your customers a discount or free shipping to the United Kingdom to mark the occasion.

3.3 September

Father’s Day – 9th September 2022

Target Customer: Australian customers

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are spending a near-record $15.3 billion on Father’s Day gifts. That works out to $133 per person on average, with those aged 24 to 35 paying $188 per person.

According to the NRF’s 2021 survey, 75% of consumers plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year, with the top gift ideas being greeting cards, clothing, and a special outing.

Some tips might help all merchants and affiliates to celebrate this Father’s Day for Australian customers:

  • Create a countdown – Your clients know that Father’s Day is approaching, but they may want a gentle reminder that they must order by a specific date to get their presents on time. Use your email list to remind your subscribers that Father’s Day is approaching and that if they want free delivery, they must purchase soon.
  • Promote gift cards – Make it simple for people to discover and purchase gift cards on your website, and remind them that they are available. Depending on Father’s Day, send out emails, use social media, or run advertising.
Labor Day – 5th September 2022

Target customers: American & Canadian customers 

Labor Day provides many Americans with the ideal opportunity to buy household goods, apparel, and appliances. This weekend is a sort of the last gasp for summer enjoyment.

Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your marketing and urge customers to purchase any remaining summer goods. Investing a little additional time in your Labor Day marketing approach can pay off in spades.

There is something you can do on this Day: 

  • Embrace the holiday spirit 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your website images, social media accounts, and other relevant material by including a Labor Day theme.

  • Run a limited-time sale 

This weekend is the ideal opportunity to offer a discount on any summer items you have on hand. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customer: they receive a good discount on things, and you get rid of your seasonal inventory.

  • Host a social media contest

 Create a contest on your social media pages to interact with your customers. Enter your customer to win a prize if they submit a photo, repost a designated photo, or share a testimonial about their experience with your company. A reward might be a product bundle or an additional discount.

National Video Game – 12th September 2022

Target Customer: American

Celebrating the National Video Games holidays will create excitement and fun and be easy to get together with friends and family. Therefore, a huge opportunity to sell on and boost profits will appear on this Day. 

For merchants, you do not always have to sell video games to boost sales on the National Video Games, only to change the message and the store’s theme that matches with the video games. Also, consider running promotions buy one get one free to encourage customers to buy with friends and family. 

Oktoberfest – 17th September 2022

Target Customer: German customers

The Oktoberfest is the world’s largest annual Volksfest (beer festival and traveling funfair). The event has evolved into a yearly celebration of German culture with cuisine, beer, and music. 

The festival has grown in popularity to the point that countries from all around the world now participate. An Oktoberfest party might be beneficial to your business.

Merchants and brands can host games and contests in the most cost-effective way to take advantage of Oktoberfest. Organize a competition and provide awards for the most acceptable Oktoberfest attire, such as lederhosen. Offer participants vouchers with discounts to promote repeat business.

4. eCommerce Calendar Holiday in Q4 (October - December)

4.1 October

October is a terrific month for e-commerce merchants and affiliates to have sales dates, with 57% of brands witnessing their sales rocket in the 4th quarter.

Halloween and other Halloween festivals are two well-known occasions for seasonal goods discounts and sales in the last week of the month.

Breast Cancer Awareness – Throughout October

Target Customer: Americans

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is observed in October each year in the United States to raise awareness about the disease’s effects.

To celebrate the Day, you can

Distribute prevention information in your promotion (For Merchant and Affiliate)

Make a connection between your brand and breast cancer prevention to earn some goodwill.

For example, build sliders on your website with breast cancer statistics and information on exams, risk factors, mammograms, and self-exams to convey to your audience.

Increase attention-grabbing giveaways (For Merchant)

Although breast cancer is a severe disease, finding amusing ways to raise awareness is beneficial. You can put a funny pink mop-head stylus with the pink ribbon and your brand’s logo. 

Share breast cancer facts and prevention on social media (For Affiliate)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to use your social media to spread the facts to raise awareness of your audience.

On Instagram, you can get creative with hilarious photographs and memes. Others choose to provide knowledge, prevention, and methods to assist victims and their families to their followers.

Vegetarian Day – 1st October 2022

Target Customer: vegetarians

World Vegetarian Day was created in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society. Many individuals are experimenting with plant-based diets these days, either for variety’s sake or to minimize their animal consumption for health, environmental, or ethical reasons.

To commemorate this Day, consider running a special promotion or sharing some vegetable GIFs or recipes on social media to catch the audience’s attention.

Harvest Festival – 2nd October 2022

Target Customer: people in Germany

Harvest Festival, which is remarkably similar to Thanksgiving, is one such celebration in Germany. 

It’s a festival to honor God and those who labor in the Landwirtschaft (“agriculture”), as well as to commemorate the fall of Ernte (“harvest”).

To mark the Harvest Holiday, give your German customers a discount code or a free shipping code to celebrate the Day.

Columbus Day – 10th October 2022

Target Customer: people in the US

Columbus Day is another significant holiday marking the beginning of big sales in the US’s brands.

How to leverage the most out of this day?

Dive in the holiday spirit (For merchants and affiliates)

To beat out your competition for prospective brands, you should start holiday marketing as soon as possible. People have many other future holidays to plan for, as Columbus Day is the start of the Fall holidays.

You can decor your website with the announcement of Columbus sales with American flags and a ship, symbolizing Columbus.

Send email offering discounts (For Affiliates)

If you’ve already built up an extensive list of loyal clients, it can’t hurt to send out an email about your Columbus Day deals. You don’t want them to opt to visit another business instead of yours because their inboxes are filled with additional Columbus Day sales promotions!

Halloween – 31st October 2022

Target Customer: North America and some Asian, European, and Oceanian countries

Halloween is the most profitable occasion on a seasonal sales calendar. Many marketers and business owners promote eCommerce marketing strategies.

It’s critical to take advantage of today to increase your possibilities of generating referral orders:

  • Make your online store appear creepy for Halloween (for merchants)
  • Get ready for Halloween by stocking up on costumes and decorations (for merchants)
  • Run a Halloween marketing campaign on the (for affiliates)
  • Make sure to upsell additional Halloween-themed things (for merchants and affiliates)
  • Create and promote Halloween material (for merchants and affiliates)

4.2 November

November is the month that both retailers and consumers enjoy. There has never been a month that has been busier, more exciting, exhilarating, or difficult in the whole year. Make sure your stock numbers, inventory, and sale strategies are up to date.

The week leading up to Black Friday may be just as hectic as the Day itself. Make sure your most popular things are reduced and publicized throughout Cyber Monday, even if you don’t offer tech products. These gatherings aren’t intended to offer savings.

Veterans Day – 11th November 2022

Target Customer: Americans

Veterans Day commemorates and gives thanks to all military personnel serving the US.

Associating your brand with Veterans Day is a great way to show your appreciation for veterans. Here are some marketing ideas for Veterans Day:

Offer promotional giveaway

Hand out the personalized giveaway to consumers to help them feel connected to the day. 

Any products that symbolize the day, such as the US flag or military camo, are recommended giveaway items.

Offer veterans discount

Veterans deserve all of the respect they can get, so you can offer them discounts or special deals on Veterans Day. You’ll find that your brand is gaining a lot of goodwill which lasts a lifetime.

Thanksgiving – 24th November 2022

Target Customer: Americans

Thanksgiving Day is a US and Canadian national holiday that commemorates the harvest and other benefits of the previous year. 

In 2021, Thanksgiving shoppers in the United States planned to spend an average of $448 on the holiday, a 12% increase over last year.

So you should mark this date on your holiday sales calendar and prepare yourself for the Day.

You can enhance your sales this Thanksgiving by following some of these suggestions:

  • Send Thanksgiving-related email (Merchants and Affiliates)

Use an email template with a Thanksgiving theme to greet your consumers with a good holiday and remind them of upcoming sales. Include Black Friday Cyber Monday or any special offers or in-store and online promotions you’re planning in your email.

  • Host a contest (Merchants and Affiliates)

With a Thanksgiving-themed contest, you can gain additional social media followers. Request that they submit their favorite meals, beautiful desserts, or tablescapes with a specific hashtag on social media. Make the regulations clear and award a prize to the winner.

  • Create Thanksgiving-related content (Affiliates)

Another strategy to improve your SEO for the holidays is regularly publishing new content. Recipe swaps, staff spotlights, Thanksgiving decoration ideas, and teases about upcoming promotions are just a few of the Thanksgiving marketing ideas you can use on social media.

Black Friday – 25th November 2022

Target Customer: bargain hunters, holiday shoppers

Without question, the Black Friday weekend represents a significant opportunity for all merchants. You must plan ahead of time and expect increased website traffic.

Black Friday is now being observed in many other nations. One can enjoy Black Friday sales in different areas of the globe.

In the festival context, a wide selection of online and retail items are sold out. So, if you still need to prepare, get ready for the majority of your sales to come in.

Here are some suggestions for increasing Black Friday sales:

  • Make a gift guide and distribute it
  • To generate a sense of urgency, try running flash deals
  • Customers will be more likely to buy if you provide free shipping

Furthermore, when it comes to holiday marketing concepts, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best of buddies. So, during the eCommerce holidays, I intend to go big.

Cyber Monday – 28th November 2022

Target Customer: Almost across the globe

As Black Friday, Cyber Monday is another great holiday to rocket your sales. 

Take advantage of some of these strategies to gain crazy sales on this Cyber Monday:

  • Show off your Cyber Monday collections
  • Make extensive use of social media to promote your efforts
  • Remove any extra fees from the items

This Day has several prospects for both merchants and affiliates to decide whether your annual revenue is low or high; that’s why you should not overlook it.

4.3 December

Green Monday – 12th December 2022

Target Customer: holiday gift buyers

Green Monday is the second Monday in December, one of the biggest retail shopping days in the US. It’s the Day when consumers discover they only have around ten days till Christmas to mail their gifts. As people race to finish their Christmas buying lists, this sense of urgency becomes online purchases.

Hanukkah – 18-26 December 2022

Target Customer: Jewish community

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that lasts eight days. That implies your brand has an 8-day sales window. However, people do not purchase as much during Hanukkah as they do throughout Christmas. Nonetheless, it is a significant occasion for the Jewish community.

Because Hanukkah is also known as the Festival of Lights, you can sell lamps, candles, and other decorative items.

Christmas – 24,25 December 2022

Target Customer: Almost across the world

For billions of people throughout the world, Christmas commemorates a religious and cultural festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Although Christmas is getting more commercialized each year, it is still a family celebration, so focus your marketing efforts on heart-warming ideas and wishes.

Here are some strategies you may use to make the most of this holiday season:

  • Prepare promotion banners, materials for your affiliates
  • Run online competitions and give away Christmas goodies on your website
  • Personalized marketing campaigns
  • Make discount coupons and gift cards available
  • Hold a post-Christmas sale
  • Make extensive use of social media (Affiliates)
Boxing Day – 26th December 2022

Target Customer: people in the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand

Boxing Day is a national holiday observed in several nations with historical ties to the United Kingdom. People spend this day with their families or friends.

Boxing Day is thought to have originated in medieval times. It’s now primarily considered as an extension of the Christmas holidays.

II/ Wrapping Up

Above is the all-important eCommerce calendar holiday all over the world. For each of those dates, remember to keep in mind that you should create a free shipping promotion which is the easiest way to celebrate with your customers. 

UpPromote Affiliate Marketing app is an easy and comprehensive Shopify app that helps you manage your affiliates, track your performance in real-time and growth-oriented and optimize profit in eCommerce calendar holidays.

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