For an affiliate campaign, buying through an affiliate link or seeing a coupon code randomly is sometimes confusing for customers, they might checking some products having no idea who they are actually buying from or what is their benefits when using that specific promotion tools.

Maybe its time you should create something more apparent and eye-catching to encourage your potential buyers to convert.

How about creating an exclusive landing page for each of your brand ambassadors? (This case is also especially helpful when you work as a wholesaler and your ambassador team as retailers.)

So to Create custom landing pages for your ambassador team, two steps need to be done:

  1. Create a nicely eye-catching landing page for each affiliate (with some help from a page builder tool)
  2. Create custom link to track conversion on each landing page

Let’s see how the process would go:

Create a landing page for each affiliate

With the help from some tools like Pagefly, you can easily build a custom-branded landing page that matches your members.

A landing page template should include:

  1. Affiliate name and a brief of their bio (with image)
  2. Affiliate coupon or exclusive deal for customers buying from the affiliate (if have)
  3. Call to action (CTA button, product list)
  4. Additional information (if have)

To create a landing page for your team on Pagefly, be noted to add a new Regular page, enter the Page title (it should contain ambassador’s name) and click Next:

You can choose an available template or start with a Blank one:

Next, you can freely create your own page with any style, add as many sections, columns and elements as you want.

Plus, you can also add a Product list as a Shopify element so visitors can directly buy within the landing page.

Below is an example of a landing page with affiliate’s information and exclusive deals for customers, followed by a list of bestseller items that allows visitors to Add to cart immediately:

Also, there are some more tips and tricks that help you to build high-converting landing pages for ambassador team.

After getting one template done, you can easily duplicate the page for as many affiliates on your shop as possible, just make sure you adjust the page content to match each ambassador.

Create custom links for affiliates

Done with the landing pages? The hard part is done, now it’s time to get it ready for your team!

After creating pages for affiliates, now you need to setup custom links to show them on Affiliate Dashboard so they can use the link to share with potential customers on their niche.

To set up a custom link, go back to UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing, select Affiliate & Coupon tab -> click on an Affiliate’s name -> on Commission tab, you will find an option to create a custom affiliate link:

Paste the URL of the landing page you create for this affiliate here and add the referral code of that affiliate at the end of the custom link:

For example, the original affiliate link is

The ref code is ?sca_ref=740895.ksMBjlbR7q, so the custom link should be:

Save the change, now on Affiliate account, the ambassador can see and use their landing page URL to promote your items:

Customize the rest affiliate links with the same process and your team is good to go!

Learn more about Custom affiliate link HERE!

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