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Boost holiday influencer marketing sales 2022: tips to thrive

Boost holiday influencer marketing sales 2022 tips to thrive

Despite the current economic downturn, these end-of-year holidays offer eCommerce stores a significant chance to increase revenue and brand exposure. ICSC’s 2021 Post-Holiday Survey shows that consumers spent an average of $1,011 this holiday season, with 226 million individuals buying gifts. Now it’s time to ramp up your affiliate influencer marketing efforts and generate serious revenue in the last month of the…

How TréSkin’s Embrace of Affiliate Marketing is Accelerating Sales

How TréSkin's embrace of affiliate marketing is accelerating sales

TréSkin, a USA top-favored organic beauty & health brand, works with UpPromote to offer affiliate opportunities for those who wish to help them spread the word and expand their reach to their new audiences. With UpPromote’s easy-to-use solution keeping their affiliate enrollment, management, tracking, and payment process, TréSkin saw an outstanding total of $120,000+ in affiliate revenue since first launching their affiliate…

Affiliate marketing scams are your worst enemy. Ways to defeat them


Affiliate marketing has grown in popularity a few years back. The driving force is that its performance-based marketing guarantees sales for any merchants and good money for affiliates with little effort. While it’s undeniable the potential of affiliate marketing for businesses and marketers, there’re still a lot of affiliate marketing scams that both of you consider. This article will reveal common affiliate…

Affiliate Marketing & UpPromote App in 1-liner: Everything You Must Know


Affiliate Marketing is no doubt the best ROI-guaranteed marketing approach.  It’s client-centric, trust-based, and performance-driven.  Hence, let’s talk about affiliate marketing in simple terms and how UpPromote can be your Shopify’s best assistance in learning and optimizing this concept.   Need a full version of this guide? Download our brochure here. Affiliate Marketing: 1-liner Break Down What Is Affiliate marketing? Simply put, you…

Promote You Promote Me Contest Winner Announcement

Promote you promote me contest results

First, we’d love to thank everyone who participated and helped make Promote You Promote Me a success! Here is our celebration post that recaps the contest results with all winners attached.  Let’s take a look. Promote You Promote Me Contest Performance  In under 2 weeks, our contest has seen tremendous efforts from merchants in both joining and promoting their contest entries.  Here…

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