Are you looking for an ideal Shopify affiliate marketing app for your store? Considering which one will best match your business needs? Explore our impartial comparison between UpPromote and GrowthHero.

UpPromote or GrowthHero?

GrowthHero is one of the best top-rated Shopify affiliate apps with feature-rich offers that will surely impress any users. 

GrowthHero and UpPromote look quite the same in terms of features. If you’re looking for an alternative to GrowthHero, here are some reasons you should consider when looking over UpPromote.

#1 An excellent option for different types of enterprises

UpPromote & GrowthHero are great Shopify affiliate marketing apps for users to get access to abundant treasures of features.

UpPromote, ideally, is best for all-size businesses with exclusive features and better price ranges, starting from $0/mo with unlimited access to powerful features, opposed to GrowthHero’s lowest fee-flat from $39/mo.

#2 Bring customer experience to another level with a dedicated support team

Companies are required to have diverse methods and tools of communicating with customers to bring a smooth experience to provide excellent customer service.

When it comes to supporting and training options, UpPromote takes its pride in having a great customer success team, responsive to every problem in a wink through many supporting types: Email, Phone, Chat which GrowthHero does not offer you.

Outstandingly, UpPromote not only offers chat options to solve customers’ issues promptly, but a 1:1 meetup is also available to make sure customers can use and leverage the most out of UpPromote features.

UpPromote prioritized support
UpPromote prioritized support

#3 Extra customization and payment options

In both apps, users can customize the affiliate registration page, and email. However, UpPromote offers more flexible customization options for users to customize their affiliate account (change affiliate accounts color, hide the affiliate link).

While GrowthHero simply provides merchants with auto PayPal payment in the app, UpPromote offers both manually & automatically pay (PayPal, Store credit) in the app. Users can select other manual payout types (Bank Transfer, Debit card, PayTM, etc) for gathering affiliate payment details and making payment easier.

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#4 Increasing global reach with multi-language for affiliates

Don’t neglect non-English speaking affiliate marketers and influencers, they’re potential ambassadors for your business.

To recruit non-English speaking affiliates, UpPromote offers merchants an indispensable feature: multiple languages for affiliates account to achieve tangible success in these foreign language markets by making them accessible in their language with ease.

#5 Discover top-tier affiliates in UpPromote Marketplace

In UpPromote Marketplace, affiliates can join unlimited affiliate programs with different commissions from a myriad of quality brands to promote their services, giving merchants a hand for ambassadors’ approaching automatically without having to seek them out.

Incredibly, merchants can explore their high-quality affiliates/ ambassadors with a network of thousands of affiliates in the UpPromote Marketplace for a win-win partnership.


#6 In-app messaging for better communication

To help merchants easily communicate with affiliates, GrowthHero & UpPromote did a great job of providing sending email functionality.

However, UpPromote offers users a remarkable feature: in-app chat for efficient information exchange and better prompt-effective communication between merchants and affiliates.

#7 Easier access and management of multiple stores with staff accounts

Both similar target users are large businesses, still, only UpPromote provides users with the two key-essential features: staff accounts for empowering team members to handle affiliates programs (Professional, Enterprise plan) and multiple stores connection for prompt access to each account, measuring affiliate performance across all linked stores (only Enterprise plan).

Easily connect multi-stores with UpPromote
Easily connect multi-stores with UpPromote

A secret tip: leverage both of these features for easier access and management while running affiliate programs in multiple stores.

Those are outstandingly superior points of UpPromote to GrowthHero. Don’t miss the chance to start a greater journey with UpPromote today.

Try UpPromote now!

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