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Why should you increase affiliate commission rates?

Why you should increase affiliate commission rates

The success of your affiliate marketing campaign depends on your affiliate commission structure. Perfect affiliate commission rates require a balance between which offers to attract the potential affiliates and which rates are the most appropriate for your business. Paying too low may cause your affiliate to run away from your program while overpaying may deplete your affiliate marketing budget. This article is…

Youtube affiliate marketing: How to get affiliate on youtube?

How to find affiliate on Youtube

YouTube is a hectic place with more than 2 billion monthly users; it’s such a fruitful place to get affiliates. However, it will undoubtedly take time to identify the ideal affiliate or influencer for your business among millions of active channels. This article will guide you through the best tactics to get affiliate on Youtube for your affiliate marketing campaign. i/ The…

How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

You’ve switched to affiliate marketing to attract more prospective customers to your eCommerce store since it’s a more cost-effective and low-risk strategy. Then you decide to launch an affiliate program, but you don’t know how to recruit affiliates to market your products. Understanding that, UpPromote has decided to aggregate and classify the affiliate recruitment series to help all eCommerce merchants learn more…

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