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How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

How to Find Affiliates: Ultimate Guide for Any Business

You’ve switched to affiliate marketing to attract more prospective customers to your eCommerce store since it’s a more cost-effective and low-risk strategy. Then you decide to launch an affiliate program, but you don’t know how to recruit affiliates to market your products. Understanding that, UpPromote has decided to aggregate and classify the affiliate recruitment series to help all eCommerce merchants learn more…

Best ways to find influencers on Instagram for any industry

Best ways to find influencers on Instagram for any industry

People are spending time like crazy on Instagram. Finding affiliates here would be easy and pay off well in the long run. When it comes to Instagram affiliate marketing, you form partnerships with people who have a large following, sometimes known as influencers, and pay them for effectively advertising your product/service. In this article, you’ll explore the best ways to find influencers…

Best practices to get started with affiliate marketing 2022

Best practices to get started with affiliate marketing 2022

Affiliate marketing helps millions of independent publishers, creators, and influencers generate monthly cash. It’s time for you to get started with affiliate marketing! It might be challenging to choose the best strategy when it comes to affiliate marketing because there are so many different approaches and ways. What is most effective for one may not be effective for another. This article will…

Social Snowball Alternative? We got your back

Social Snowball Alternative

Learn why UpPromote is the best Shopify affiliate apps option on the market. How does UpPromote compare with Social Snowball? What’s the best Shopify affiliate app? What is the best alternative to Social Snowball? Explore our unbiased comparison of UpPromote and Social Snowball. Are you looking for a Social Snowball alternative? Launched in 2020, Social Snowball is one of the top affiliate…

Top 10 Best Product Review Apps for Shopify [2022]

Top 10 Best Shopify Products Reviews Apps

Finding the best product review apps for Shopify may seem difficult. However, it’s worth a shot because these review apps can help you build consumer trust, re-engage passive users, and increase revenue. Nothing beats customer reviews or testimonials for converting a casual store visitor into a paying customer. They assist in lessening the likelihood of investing money in something that turns out…

Affiliate marketing scams are your worst enemy. Ways to defeat them


Affiliate marketing has grown in popularity a few years back. The driving force is that its performance-based marketing guarantees sales for any merchants and good money for affiliates with little effort. While it’s undeniable the potential of affiliate marketing for businesses and marketers, there’re still a lot of affiliate marketing scams that both of you consider. This article will reveal common affiliate…

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